Banarasi Khaddi Sarees - The Making Process

Pure Banarasi Georgette Khaddi Sarees are essentially an example of the diverse Indian heritage that has translated into a type of Banarasi fabric. “Khaddi” is a layman’s term that simply implies the Georgette fabric. Locals popularized the material as “Khaddi Fabric,” which has now become a significant part of the great Indian legacy of Banarasi handloom.

Naksheband is launching a line of newly designed vibrant, Banarasi georgette khaddi sarees that are inspired by the age-old art of creating varied imprints and patterns on the georgette fabric by employing the method of hand-dye and hand-embroidery. Numerous weavers and dyers have created magic on the georgette and chiffon material.

The different sarees are intricately designed and feature a multitude of colors. A variety of hues and painstaking hand-embroidery along with the delicately handwoven material make our Khaddi designer sarees truly unique.

Intricately made Banarasi sarees at Naksheband are now exploring the realms of different Banarasi fabrics such as “Khaddi” to deliver to its customers a promise of sheer talent and perfect craftsmanship. The pure banarasi sarees are handwoven. Highly skilled craftsmen and embroiderers of Banaras create a beautiful piece of art by doing the “Booti”, “Jaal” and “Zari” work on the sarees, which adds to their exquisiteness.

What’s different about the Khaddi sarees created at our store? The antique “Zari” and “Booti” work is specially delivered by the skilled and experienced craftsmen of Banaras, thus silently living true to the promise of quality and legacy. The dye and weave on all our Georgette Khaddi sarees are again, a result of the hard work of the men who’ve known the art for ages and are its masters.

Apart from the creative process, a major advantage with our Khaddi sarees online is the highly attractive price point, which thrives to deliver products that don’t compromise on beauty, yet are priced at a bare minimum. The weaves and dye alone take months of rigorous labor. The final product, which is hand-embroidered and handwoven emerges from the nurturing hands of numerous artisans who believe in delivering love, above everything else.

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