The History of Chanderi Sarees

Chanderi saree finds its origins in the Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. Initially, the saree was produced in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh and thus the name. While the saree originated in Chanderi, this particular silk handloom has been a huge part of the great Indian heritage of Banarasi ethnic wear.

The chanderi fabric used to create chanderi sarees is- chanderi silk, chanderi cotton, or a mix of both cotton and silk. While traditionally the weavers were Muslims, now the weavers from different parts of India are producing chanderi handloom. The famous craftsmen of Banaras have excelled at producing good quality chanderi fabric and successfully created a legacy of chanderi silk handloom that is specific to “Kashi.”

At Naksheband, we’re curating the finest chanderi silk sarees, to give the woman an experience of luxury and tradition intertwined with comfort and innovation. Chanderi sarees are known for the wonderful texture of the fabric, world-famous zari or gold and silver embroidery work, geometric patterns and intricate craftsmanship. We at Naksheband, strive to live up to the promise of pure chanderi handloom. 

Our in-house weavers, dyers and embroiderers have worked tirelessly with the designer to create a unique line of chanderi silk sarees. These sarees aren’t just an heirloom that showcases the brilliance of the Indian tradition but also explores the femininity of the modern Indian woman. The team works collectively to provide an end product that meets not only the needs of a lady but her want, to wear what she chooses.

The chanderi shibori sarees are a collection that has been created with utmost precision and care by intermingling the traditional indigo dyeing technique, which dates back to the Japanese printing method of the 7th century. According to the age-old tales, the lower class people who were forbidden from wearing silk used Shibori - method to dye cloth by wringing, squeezing and pressing to create the vastly popular shibori print.

With a unique approach, today, we’re creating a combination of shibori dye and chanderi silk to bring to the customer, the best of both worlds. Naksheband aspires to transcend the boundaries of design, pattern and fabric while creating apparel so it can break free from the monotony and boredom of classical Indian ethnic wear. We provide to you a work of art, on the fabric you chose to wear.

Quintessential to the modern Indian woman, Naksheband brings to you, the very first collection of its bold and powerful chanderi shibori handloom!

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