Our Founder

Naksheband is the brainchild of an Indian woman, who’s a designer, the creative head, and the manager at the store. She is an independent working woman and a single mother of one. Parul Agrawal who is born and brought up in Banaras has had an avid interest in different fabrics, designs and ethnic Indian apparels for as long as she can remember. As a child, she visited her father’s store “Banarasi Gaddi” and thoroughly enjoyed her time there. At a very young age, she understood that the magnificent variety of Banarasi fabrics and their colors fascinated her.

Parul went ahead and studied design at the INIFD, Kolkata. She graduated from college and travelled across India to explore the different fabrics and learn about their origin. It was in this search that she discovered, she wants to start her journey where she first learned about her passion. She came back to Banaras to start a venture that is truly her own. She challenged the stereotype and began the work of an entrepreneur, designer, and the creative head all by herself. She couldn’t fit the moulds of society and so she carved a space of her own and called it “Naksheband.”

“Naksheband” is not just a means to follow her passion but also a medium to act on the calling of her heart to help the talented weavers, embroiderers and dyers who work with her. Very early in life, she realized the significance of financial independence and that pushed her to fulfil her dream while also working on a bigger cause. She wants to provide a livelihood to these craftsmen who’re so skilled yet at a loss of work. The suit sets and designer sarees at Naksheband are handwoven, have hints of different hand embroidery and also undergo a variety of dyes at the hands of the skilled craftsmen.

The use of machinery in every step of cloth manufacturing robbed various “karigars” of their bread and butter. That’s when Parul decided, it was time for her to give her dreams the form of reality in the place where she learned to dream with the assistance of the craftsmen who inspired her. So, the various Banarasi suits, Pure Banarasi Sarees, Embroidered blouses are all handwoven and hand-embroidered to provide you with an authentic and genuine work of art.

Parul has faith in the notion that the 9m yarn can narrate a story, not just that of the boundaries that women live in but also the dreams and aspirations they sew. The “Pallu” flying uninhibited with every breeze is symbolic of the flight that women can so effortlessly take when they want and however they want. She believes that a saree or any other Indian apparel, when made with utmost dedication and care, narrates a story of so many people. The designer sarees and suit sets can be curated especially to meet client needs.

She believes that each individual is different and so are their wants. Her sense of design and fashion are highly inspired by the changes she has seen. She beautifully creates an amalgamation of the two varied worlds of tradition and modernity to provide women with apparel that is truly versatile in fabric, form and design. The handwoven, Banarasi fabrics can also be tailor-made for clients on special demand.

In her world, different stories, varied narratives, numerous styles, a plethora of materials, all come together to knit into the fabric stories that so many women have lived and continue to live!